Department of Management Services

Mentor and Volunteer Opportunities

Florida Mentoring Partnership Initiative

Under the Florida Mentoring Partnership program, state employees are encouraged to help young Floridians excel in school and life by becoming a mentor to a student in need. Take up to one hour of administrative leave per week (not to exceed five hours per calendar month) to participate in mentoring, tutoring, guest speaking and providing any services related to your participation in an established school district's mentoring program that the school program or volunteer coordinator may request. For more information about mentoring, go to Mentoring/Student Assistance Initiative.

Volunteer Florida

Volunteer Florida is a statewide program established by the Governor's Commission on Volunteerism and Community Service which:

  • Grants funds to Florida AmeriCorps and National Service programs.
  • Encourages volunteerism - for everyone from youth to seniors to people with disabilities.
  • Promotes volunteerism for disaster preparedness and response.
  • Helps strengthen and expand Volunteer Centers in Florida.

For more information on volunteer opportunities, visit Volunteer Florida, and click the Volunteer tab. You'll find information on local Volunteer Centers and national volunteer resources and matching services to get you started.

Instead of participating in one of the established, official mentoring programs, you may choose to use one hour of administrative leave per week (not to exceed five hours per calendar month) to participate in community service programs that meet child, elder or human needs including, but not limited to, Guardian Ad Litem, Big-Brother/Big-Sister, Senior Corps and Adult Literacy. You also can volunteer for church-sponsored, community-based projects, as long as the activities are not primarily for the benefit of the church itself (religious activities). In addition, you can choose to volunteer for a variety of programs through Volunteer Florida.