Department of Management Services

Paid Leave of Absence

Time off is important to maintaining a positive work/life balance. We support that balance by offering you a number of paid leave options. These options help you manage your time away from work and give you the flexibility you need to relax, recover from illness or injury and take care of personal needs. Each leave has its own terms and conditions, and requires supervisory approval. For instructions on how to request leave, contact your supervisor or agency HR office.

Type of Leave Reason for Leave
Annual Leave Rest, relaxation, vacation and personal business
Sick Leave Personal illness (including maternity-related disability), injury or exposure to a contagious disease; medical appointments; and the medical appointments and illnesses of family members for who you care for
Administrative Leave Jury duty, voting, court subpoena, death in the family, parent/teacher conferences, mentoring, volunteering, etc.
Compensatory Leave For any type of authorized absence instead of using annual or sick leave
Disability Leave On-the-job injury
Educational Leave Time off to pursue work-related study at a college, university or training academy for one or more full academic periods as long as your agency has an established Educational Leave With Pay Program