Department of Management Services

Leaving State Employment

  • To resign from your position, complete and submit a resignation letter to your supervisor at least two weeks, or as soon as possible, before your last day.
  • You are responsible for returning all state property, for example, cell phones, computers, printers, credit cards, keys, ID badges, etc.
  • Review your benefits and how they are affected. The chart below shows how coverage for you and your dependents will be affected.
Medical, Dental and Vision coverage Coverage ends on the last day of the calendar month following the calendar month of your last day of employment. For example, if your employment ended in October, coverage would end the last day of November. Generally, you and your eligible dependents may continue coverage through COBRA.
Flexible Spending Accounts You may elect to have the balance taken from your sick/annual leave pay on a pretax basis by using the FSA Options When Employment Ends form (Adobe PDF Document 366.01 KB) located under the Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Account Forms and Publications. You may no longer participate in the Dependent Care Reimbursement Plan Account.
Life Insurance Coverage ends on the last day of the calendar month following the calendar month of your last day of employment. You may convert your coverage to an individual policy within 31 days after coverage ends if you are leaving employment other than for retirement; the cost will vary from the group policy.
FRS Pension Plan

If you participate in this plan and leave the state:

  • After you are vested, you are eligible to receive a monthly benefit based on your earnings, length of service, membership class and your age at retirement.
  • Before you are vested, you eligible to receive a refund of your personal contributions. You will lose retirement service credit for the period represented by the refund. Employer-paid contributions are not refundable.
FRS Investment Plan

If you participate in this plan and leave the state:

  • With at least one year of service, you are 100 percent vested and you can leave your account with the state – or roll it over to an individual retirement account or other qualified retirement plan.
  • Before you are vested, your account balance is held in a suspense account for up to five years. If you do not return to work for an FRS employer within five years, you forfeit your account balance.
Deferred Compensation You begin receiving distributions any time at least 31 days after your last day of employment with the state. Normal federal taxes will apply to any payment; there is no penalty tax regardless of your age. Contact your investment provider's web site or the Deferred Compensation Office at 1-850-413-3162 or toll-free at 1-877-299-8002.
Leave Credits You may be eligible to be paid for accrued annual leave, sick leave and special compensatory leave based on whether you are a Career Service, Selected Exempt Service (SES) or Senior Management Service (SMS) employee and your collective bargaining agreement (if applicable). Go to your agency HR office for details.


Continued Health Coverage Under COBRA

You may be eligible to extend your medical, dental and vision benefits for another 18 months under COBRA as long as you pay 102 percent of the full cost of coverage. You will receive information about your COBRA rights from the People First Service Center after your employment termination. Under the law, you have at least 60 days from your last day of employment to elect COBRA continuation coverage.