Department of Management Services

Getting Married

Things to Consider Take Action
Updating your personal information
  • If you plan to change your name, contact your agency HR office. You'll need to provide your new Social Security card.
  • Go to People First to update your home address, phone number and emergency contacts if you make any changes.
Making changes to your federal income tax withholding and direct deposit instructions
  • Go to People First if you have any changes in your banking arrangements and make the necessary changes online.
  • Go to the Department of Financial Services web site for details on changing your withholding exemptions.
Updating your health and life insurance coverage
  • You may add coverage for your new spouse and/or new, eligible dependent children and make changes to your benefit elections within 60 days of your marriage by visiting People First.

    See the QSC Matrix for documentation requirements.

Making changes to your beneficiaries for life insurance or retirement plans
  • Go to Securian and follow the instructions to complete a beneficiary designation form.
  • Go to myFRS, and under Resources, click Forms and select the beneficiary form for your pension plan.
  • Contact your investment provider or go to the Deferred Compensation Web site or call the Deferred Compensation Office at 1-850-413-3162 or toll-free at 1-877-299-8002, if you make changes to your beneficiaries.