Department of Management Services

Adopting a Child

Consider Take Action
These state programs …
  • Think about whether you need to take time away from work. See Leaves of Absence and Paid Leaves of Absence in the Work and Life section of this website. Let your supervisor know about your leave plans as far in advance as you can, and contact your HR office to review the process for going on leave.
  • The Employee Assistance Program is available to state employees at no cost.
    • University employees are not eligible for our EAP, but most universities have their own.
When the adoption is final
Think about your federal income tax withholding and direct deposit instructions
Update your health and life insurance coverage
  • Report a family status change within 60 days of the adoption by visiting People First.
  • Note: Documentation of the adoption or placement for adoption will be required prior to adding the dependent.
Think about your savings and spending account needs
  • You may choose to start or increase contributions to a Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA).
  • Depending on your medical plan selection, you may also wish to start or increase contributions to a:

    Healthcare FSA If you have the Standard PPO or a Standard HMO
    Limited Purpose FSA and/or Health Savings Account If you have a High Deductible PPO or High Deductible HMO plan

You have 60 days from the time of adoption or placement for adoption to make savings and spending account changes; you may change your Health Savings Account contributions any time during the year.

All these account types can be viewed in greater detail on the Savings and Spending Accounts page.

Make any needed changes to your beneficiaries for life insurance or retirement plans
  • Go to Securian and follow the instructions to complete a beneficiary designation form.
  • Go to myFRS, and click Forms under Resources, then select the beneficiary form for your plan.
  • You may go to your investment provider's web site or the Deferred Compensation Web site or call the Deferred Compensation Office at 1-850-413-3162 or toll-free at 1-877-299-8002.
When it's time to return to work:
  • Notify your HR office and your supervisor of your return date based on your agency's notification guidelines.
  • Notify others you work with when you are back at work.