Department of Management Services

State Tuition Waiver

We offer educational assistance to full-time, salaried employees by allowing each state university and state college to waive tuition and fees for employees for up to six credit hours per semester on a space-available basis. The tuition waiver program may be used for up to 18 hours per calendar year (January 1 - December 31).

The state university or state college determines whether your courses are eligible for the fee waiver. In addition, you must meet all the academic and admission requirements for the school and you must register during the special registration period the state university or state college sets aside for state employees.

Choose courses:

  • Graduate or undergraduate programs. Check with the school to see if certain courses or programs are excluded.
  • Related or unrelated to your work for the state.
  • Held during or outside of your work hours. (Taking a course during your normal work hours requires supervisor approval and you must make up the time missed from work or use approved annual, compensatory leave or paid educational leave.)

The state allows up to $5,250 in educational assistance per year, with no tax liability to you. Assistance over $5,250 is reportable to the IRS and subject to taxes.

How do I get started?

  • Make sure you are accepted by and enroll in the state university or state college you select.
  • Determine the course or courses you want to take.
  • Check with the state university or college to see if the course(s) is/are available for fee waiver.
  • Obtain and complete special enrollment forms from the university or college (be sure to follow all instructions).
  • Have your agency supervisor sign the forms for approval.
  • Register and submit required paperwork during the special state employee registration period.

For more information on the state tuition waiver program, please contact your supervisor or agency Human Resource Office.


View a list of state-funded universities at the Florida Board of Governor's Web site and state-funded community colleges at the Department of Education's Web site.