Department of Management Services

Healthcare Bluebook



Healthcare Bluebook is a new, voluntary benefit that offers an online transparency website for you to “shop” for healthcare services, facilities, and providers starting on Jan. 1, 2019. Healthcare Bluebook’s website ( and mobile app show you the range of costs and the quality of inpatient healthcare services in your area. You can then earn rewards for some of the services that you or your dependents “shop” for. 

Healthcare Bluebook rates providers and healthcare facilities on cost and quality. Services that are eligible for rewards will be rated “green.” More information about the cost and quality ratings is available online. 

Earning rewards through Healthcare Bluebook 

Under Healthcare Bluebook’s “Go Green to Get Green” rewards program, the website or mobile app will identify the healthcare services that are rewardable and specify the reward amount. You earn the reward once the following occurs:

  1. You or your dependent use Healthcare Bluebook to “shop” for a rewardable healthcare service;
  2. Healthcare Bluebook validates that you or your dependent received a rewardable healthcare service and used its service to “shop” for the healthcare service; and
  3. Healthcare Bluebook notifies the Division of State Group Insurance that you or your dependent earned the reward.

The reward will then be credited to the savings and spending account of your choice. Learn more about savings and spending accounts.


Healthcare Bluebook FAQ (Adobe PDF Document 184.59 KB)