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Shared Savings Program

  Shared Savings Program FAQ (Adobe PDF Document 217.84 KB) 

Beginning Jan. 1, 2019, the State of Florida will offer a Shared Savings Program to reward you for making informed decisions about your healthcare. The Shared Savings Program is a voluntary program that is available to you and your dependents who are enrolled in a State Group Insurance health plan. The purpose of the Shared Savings Program is to reduce healthcare costs and reward you for making informed and cost-effective decisions about your healthcare. 

Under the Shared Savings Program, you can earn rewards by receiving rewardable healthcare services through the use of the state’s new vendors, Healthcare Bluebook and SurgeryPlus. Rewards will be credited to the savings and spending account of your choice, and you can use the funds to pay for eligible medical, dental, and vision expenses. 

You can earn rewards through one or both of the following new benefits:

  • “Shop” for eligible healthcare services on the Healthcare Bluebook transparency website or mobile app. The website will identify certain healthcare services that are available for a reward. Rewards are earned after you “shop” for a rewardable healthcare service on the website, receive the service, and the claim has been paid.
  • Receive a “bundled” medical service offered by SurgeryPlus. Each “bundled” healthcare service will be available for a reward. Rewards are earned after you receive the “bundled” healthcare service and the claim has been paid.



Choosing an account for your rewards 

You have the opportunity to select a pretax account to which your rewards will be credited. You may make your selection through People First during Open Enrollment or throughout the year. Rewards will be automatically credited to the pretax account of your choice after you receive a rewardable healthcare service. 

The spending and savings account selections available to you as part of the Shared Savings Program vary depending on your health plan. 

Employees enrolled in the standard plan can choose from the following: 

  • Health reimbursement account 
  • Flexible spending account

Employees enrolled in the high deductible health plan can choose from the following: 

  • Health savings account
  • Post-deductible health reimbursement account 
  • Limited purpose flexible spending account

You can also get reimbursed for out-of-pocket medical expenses instead of crediting rewards to one of the accounts listed above. More information about the accounts you can select to receive reward payments is available on the Savings and Spending Accounts page.


Shared Savings Handouts and Overview Video
Healthcare Bluebook 2019 Flyer (Adobe PDF Document 692.62 KB) Healthcare Bluebook FAQ 2019 Flyer (Adobe PDF Document 910.70 KB) SurgeryPlus 2019 Flyer (Adobe PDF Document 637.94 KB) 2019 Savings and Spending Accounts Comparison Chart (Adobe PDF Document 63.29 KB)
Shared Savings Overview (Video) (Windows Media Video 7.13 MB)
Shared Savings Program Webinar (Video)