Department of Management Services

Chard Snyder Benefit Card

You can use the Chard Snyder Benefit Card....

  • At any eligible healthcare provider that accepts MasterCard.
  • In the new plan year to pay for expenses with last year’s funds through the grace period that ends March 15 (for Dependent Care FSA only).
  • For certain over-the-counter (OTC) items.
  • For mail order drugs. Call CVS Caremark for more information.
  • At participating grocery stores and discount retailers.
  • Watch video for more information on using the Chard Snyder Benefit Card.

What if your card does not work?

  • Have you activated the card? You must activate the Chard Snyder Benefit Card before you use it.
  • Have you sent required documentation for any outstanding card transactions? Chard Snyder Benefit Card automatically reactivates once outstanding or ineligible transactions are cleared. If not, the Chard Snyder Benefit Card stays permanently suspended and the State of Florida may pursue repayment of ineligible expenses through a collections agency or involuntary wage deduction.
  • The Chard Snyder Benefit Card only works at healthcare facilities that accept credit cards with a matching MasterCard logo.
  • The Chard Snyder Benefit Card only works if the merchant or provider accepts it.
  • If you leave state employment, your Chard Snyder Benefit Card prepaid benefits card will be turned off on the last day of your employment.