Department of Management Services

Quality Assurance Review of Dependent Eligibility

  1. Why did I receive this letter asking me to verify my dependents?

    The Division of State Group Insurance conducts a monthly quality assurance review to confirm that dependents are eligible for insurance coverage under the program.

  2. I received an email asking for my dependent’s personal information. Is this legitimate?

    Yes, the emails from the Division of State Group Insurance are legitimate. Please respond by the requested date. 

  3. Where can I go for more information?

    Go to for plan documents, eligibility requirements and other resources.

  4. Why must I send the front page of my federal tax return or transcript to prove marriage in addition to sending a marriage certificate?

    A marriage certificate proves that a relationship existed at a point in time; a tax return transcript shows that the relationship still currently exists. In addition, tax returns are generally more readily available than marriage certificates. Visit Redact/black out Social Security numbers, money amounts and account numbers before submitting copies. Do not supply originals.  

  5. I have been married for less than one year and my new spouse and I have not had the opportunity to file our taxes together yet. Do you still need our tax return transcript?

    No. If you have been married for less than one year and you were not married when you filed your most recent taxes, you do not need to provide you tax return transcript. However, you will need to send a note with your marriage certificate stating that you were not married when you filed your most recent tax return.  

  6. What if I cannot get government-issued copies of birth and marriage certificates from a foreign government entity? Will you accept alternate documents?

    Acceptable documentation can be found at

    Please send your dependent’s

    • US passport or US passport card (valid and unexpired);
    • Certificate of Naturalization issued by the US Department of Homeland Security;
    • Permanent Resident Card Form I-551;
    • I-551 stamp on your passport or I-94 form/number; or
    • Immigration judge's order with your A-number.


  7. What if I am waiting to receive the documents and need more time?

    Email us a request for extension of time at Include your People First ID number in the subject line. We review each request based on the facts of that situation.

  8. I already sent documents a few years ago. Am I still required to resubmit them?

    Yes. In addition a new Qualifying Status Change event may result in documentation requested specific to that event. 

  9. Will I be reimbursed for the cost to obtain certified copies?


  10. Will my personal information be kept in a confidential and secure place?

    Yes. Your personal information (Social Security numbers, account numbers and health and financial information) is confidential and is not subject to public records requests. See Chapter 119.07(1), Florida Statutes.

  11. Is there a specific format to send the documents in if I choose to use email?

    Yes. Please make a copy of our letter with the barcode and use it as your first page. Please be aware that the documentation you are submitting may contain personal information which should be redacted before submission.  Once the documents reach DSGI, they will be secure.  

  12. What if I do not submit documentation? What happens if my dependent is ineligible?

    If you fail to send sufficient documents in a timely manner or if you submit documents that do not prove dependent eligibility, we will terminate dependent coverage prospectively (i.e., the first day of the month following ineligibility determination).

  13. Once ineligible dependents are removed, can they continue coverage through COBRA?

    No. Only dependents who are eligible for coverage may continue insurance through COBRA for health, dental and vision coverages. 

  14. What if I disagree with the decision?

    You may appeal by following the level II appeal process as outlined in the appeal rights attached to our letter.

  15. Can I send in original documents?

    Yes. If you send original documents, DSGI will make a photocopy and return the original documents to you. However, it is preferred that you send a photocopy instead of an original. It is recommended if you send originals that you mail them via certified mail so you are able to track the documents.

  16. What type of “records” do you need for the ward up to age of majority dependent and/or foster child?

    Please submit Government agency documents showing the enrollee or the enrollee’s spouse has legal guardianship or court-ordered custody of the dependent.