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Preventive Care

Take Control of Your Health

Preventive care like physical exams and other periodic screenings can help detect illness or health risks early. That's why all the PPOs and HMOs the state offers include coverage for preventive care and immunizations.

If you enroll in a PPO… If you enroll in an HMO…

Specific preventive care services and immunizations are covered; see more information below:

  • Network: Reimbursed at 100% of allowed amounts, no deductible*
  • Non-network: Reimbursed at 100% of the non-network allowed amount*; you are responsible for amounts above the non-network allowed amount.
Similar preventive care services are covered*; check with the specific HMO for more details.


More about Preventive Care and Immunization Benefits

*If the primary purpose of the office visit is the delivery of such an item or service the plan may not impose cost-sharing.