Department of Management Services

Spouse Program Eligibility

If you and your spouse are state employees, you can participate in the Spouse Program and pay less for health insurance at a reduced premium. To enroll in the Spouse Program, you must complete and sign the Spouse Program Election Form (Adobe PDF Document 122.38 KB) and list all eligible dependents within 60 days of your marriage to another state employee or your employment with the state.

You must enroll in the same health plan, and agree to notify the People First Service Center within 60 days of becoming ineligible for the Spouse Program.

You and your spouse lose eligibility for the Spouse Program if:

  • One or both of you end employment with the state, including retirement;
  • You divorce;
  • A spouse dies.

It is your responsibility to notify the People First Service Center if you become ineligible for the Spouse Program. If you fail to do so within 60 days of one of the listed events, you will be liable for claims or premiums back to the date you lost eligibility. Additionally, you may have to pay for a higher level of coverage than you need. For example, you may be required to pay for family coverage instead of individual coverage. Upon notification of ineligibility for the Spouse Program, the People First Service Center adds covered, eligible dependents to the primary spouse's plan, unless you request otherwise.

Note: A benefits eligible state employee married to another benefits eligible state employee may not enroll their spouse in dependent spouse life insurance coverage.

Address Corrections

It is extremely important for you to keep your address updated in People First. If your address is not current, you may not receive important information, such as benefit plan changes and proof of your insurance coverage.

A current address ensures you receive your State Group Insurance information, including benefit plan documents and changes, member identification cards, proof of insurance coverage, etc. 

Log in to People First or follow your employer’s process to update your address.