Department of Management Services

Salaried Employees-Full Time/Part Time

If you are a part-time and full-time employee as defined in subsection 110.123(2)(c) and (f), Florida Statutes, you are eligible to participate in any plans offered under the State Group Insurance program.

 Health Insurance:

  • If you work .75 full-time equivalency (FTE) or more, you are eligible for the full-time state contribution towards the monthly premium.
  • Part-time salaried employees who work less than .75 FTE pay a prorated share of the employer contribution plus the employee contribution. 

Term Life Insurance:

  • If you are a salaried employee who works 1.0 FTE, you are automatically enrolled in the $25,000 basic life insurance and pay no monthly premium.
  • If you work less than 1.0 FTE, you may enroll in the $25,000 basic life insurance and pay a prorated share of the monthly premium.
  • Salaried employees in Basic Life Insurance are eligible to enroll in optional term life insurance.
  • Employees enrolled in basic life insurance are eligible to enroll their legal spouse in dependent spouse life insurance coverage.
  • Employees enrolled in basic life insurance are eligible to enroll their dependent children in dependent child life insurance coverage.

In addition, employees who meet the eligibility requirements for health insurance (above) may enroll in:

  • A health savings account (if enrolled in a high deductible health plan) and receive the state contribution once the account is correctly established;
  • A dependent care FSA.
  • A healthcare FSA or limited purpose FSA.

Supplemental Plans

You can participate in the following supplemental plans by paying the full premium on a pretax basis.

  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Accident
  • Cancer
  • Disability
  • Hospital Intensive Care
  • Hospitalization 

Savings and Spending Accounts

If you are an eligible employee, the state deducts money on a pretax basis to fund any savings and spending account you choose, reducing your federal income tax liability. 

  • Flexible spending accounts:
    • Healthcare FSA
    • Limited purpose FSA
    • Dependent care FSA
  • Health savings account