Department of Management Services


If you retire under a State of Florida retirement system, a state optional annuity, retirement program, or retirement system you are eligible for insurance coverage. As a retiree, if you are covered by the program at the time of your retirement and receive retirement benefits immediately after you retire, you are eligible for insurance coverage. If you have maintained continuous coverage under the program from termination until receiving retirement benefits, you are also eligible for insurance coverage.

If you are thinking of retirement, review the State Group Insurance Benefits Package for New Retirees (Adobe PDF Document 676.97 KB). If you do not continue health and life insurance coverage at the time of retirement, you will not be allowed to enroll in state health or life insurance at a later date.

As a new retiree, you need to be aware of State Group Insurance benefit options available to you.

Health Insurance:

  • You can continue through COBRA for up to 18 months or elect retiree coverage.

Basic Life Insurance:

  • Choose either the $2,500 or the $10,000 benefit (Dependent Spouse, Dependent Child and Optional Life are not available).

Dental and Vision Insurance:

  • You can continue through COBRA for up to 18 months.

Other Supplemental Plans: 

  • Contact your insurance company about converting your policy or buying an individual plan.

Health Savings Account:

  • Make post-tax contributions until enrolled in Medicare, but the state will no longer make contributions.

Healthcare FSA: 

  • You can continue through the end of the calendar year if you pay the balance and complete the form.

Dependent Care FSA: 

  • It ends with your last employee payroll deduction, but you can file claims that were incurred before your termination date.