Department of Management Services

Making Plan Changes as a Newly-hired Employee

If you are a newly-hired, eligible employee, you have 60 days from the date you were hired to enroll in State Group Insurance benefits. Enroll online at People First. If you do not enroll within 60 days of your hire date, you can only enroll during the next Open Enrollment period or if you experience an appropriate Qualifying Status Change (QSC) event. Choose your options carefully. Once you make your elections, you can only change them during the next Open Enrollment if you have an appropriate QSC event.

Your coverage begins on the first day of the month after the month in which the state deducts (or People First receives) a full month’s premium. Coverage always begins on the first day of a month and continues for the rest of the calendar year, as long as you pay premiums on time and you remain eligible.

For example, assume you are a salaried employee hired on July 20. If People First receives your enrollment information before Aug. 1, your coverage begins Sept. 1, after one full month’s premium is deducted from your paycheck. For health insurance only, you can elect an early effective date, provided you submit the full month’s employee share by check. For example, if you are hired July 20, you can elect to have your health insurance start on Aug. 1. If you do, you must send a check for the full month’s employee premium to People First.

If you are an OPS/variable-hour employee, the earliest health coverage will begin is the first day of the third month of employment. All other plans begin the first day of the month for which a full payroll deduction is taken.